We offer and deliver a broad range of financial solutions, to meet the unique, wide and varying circumstances and desires of our clients. This is achieved through a team of professionals that possess a wealth of experience in their various fields – Our advisors will develop an investment plan that best fits your return and risk expectations, including opportunities to maximize your earnings.


Promisory Note Backed Investment (PNBI)
This is an investment in highly rated Commercial Papers with the added security of the Kakawa Promissory Note. The yield on this investment type is optimal while the tenor is flexible (ranging from call to 365days). We will discuss your cash flow and expectations before advising you on the best tenor that suits your need.
Tenor: 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days


Treasury Bill Backed Investment (TBBI)
An investment option that offers you utmost security as it is backed 100% by the Federal Government of Nigeria Treasury bills. It helps mitigate the re-discounting risk on Treasury bills by offering shorter tenors than what obtains in the primary market (i.e. call, 30 and 60 day tenors). This means that short tenures are available.
Tenor: 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days


Government Bond Secured Investment (GBSI)
This product enables you to enjoy the security of investing in Federal Government Bonds at competitive rates with the added value of flexible and more shorter tenured investments i.e. without the compulsion of investing for the minimum tenor of 3 years. FBN Merchant Bank gives you the option of investing for a minimum of 30days
Tenor: 30, 60, 91, 180, 365 days


Kakawa Easy Retirement Account (KERA)
The KERA is a product specially designed to meet your regular cash flow requirements at retirement. KERA provides an assurance that at retirement, your benefits can earn income for you that will replace your monthly salaries while in service. KERA prevents misapplication of your wealth now and beyond by appointing beneficiaries/ joint owners to the account.
Tenor: 365 days


Liquidity Multiplier Service(LMS)
The Kakawa LMS is a flexible investment opportunity which enables you to make withdrawals from your account when needed, and earn interest on your daily balances without any charges. We produce monthly statements on your account for ease of reconciliation and offer cheque pick-up services. Key features include:
Interest on daily balance
Funds secured by Treasury Bills